New Testament Teachings on Prayer By John Helewa OCD


New Testament Teachings on Prayer

New Testament Teachings on Prayer by Father John Helewa OCD

This booklet has 77 pages. Father John Helewa has headings which are in themselves Biblical quotes and under each heading he deals with quotes in a similar vein, for example: “To pray in private and without multiplying words:

1 ‘Pray to your Father in private’ (Mt. 6:5-6)
To pray from the heart
‘They are already repaid’
The necessity of a pure heart

2. ‘Do not rattle on like the pagans’ (Mt. 6:7-8)
a) ‘Do not imitate them’
b) ‘Your Father knows what you need before you ask him’”
“By offering his written word to the children of the Church as a ‘pure and perennial source of spiritual life’ – as the [Vatican II] Council puts it – the Father who is in heaven is actually inviting the faithful to learn from the sacred Scriptures the mystery and the exercise of prayer. Prayer, in fact, is a specific form in which the spiritual life is meant to unfold and flourish.

The Bible is a book of prayer by its very nature. On the one hand, it is the ‘word’ with which the heavenly Father ‘meets his children with great love and speaks with them’. On the other hand, when he prays, the believer addresses to God a word he hears from God himself – and this divine word is objectively present in the Bible as the very substance of the Bible itself. ‘We speak to him when we pray; we hear him when we read the divine sayings’ (St Ambrose, On the Duties of Ministers, I, 20, 88: PL 16,50). Introduction pg. 1

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