Miriam, the Little Arab, Sr Mary of Jesus Crucified


Miriam, the Little Arab

Miriam, the Little Arab, Sr Mary of Jesus Crucified This booklet was translated from the article ‘Mariam la petite arabe, soeur Marie de Jesus Crucifie’, by A. Brunot SCJ (Nazareth Carmel, Israel).

Miriam was born in 1846 at Abellin – today called Ibilline, a village in Galilee. Her parents died within a few days of each other when she was not even three years old. She and her brother were adopted by different members of the family and never saw each other again. A marriage was arranged for her, but despite much reasoning with her she was adamant she wanted to be a nun.

Her life was very complex but she eventually entered Carmel Pau as a lay Sister. She went on a foundation to Mangalore. Here she endured much suffering and returned to Pau. Sometime after her return she declared that God wanted a Carmel in Bethlehem. Again more trouble ensued yet the miracle happened and with Miriam as foundress the Carmel was founded in 1877. Her dream was of another foundation. The next year she set out to found a house in Nazareth. She died in 1878 only 33 years old.

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